Beadwork in Jewellery

BeadworkBeadwork is the craft of making or decorating objects with beads. It is used to create such accessories as belts, neckbands, and wristbands; and to decorate clothing, purses, and other items. Jewelry made from a strand of beads is not considered beadwork.

There are two kinds of beadwork, woven and sewn. Woven beadwork is created on a beadwork loom, which consists of a base with two upright posts. Threads are stretched tightly between the posts. The weaver strings beads of the same size and shape and weaves them across the stretched threads. He or she creates designs by using beads of various colors. Sewn beadwork is created by attaching beads to a piece of fabric. The sewer may fasten one bead to the fabric at a time or string three or four beads together and then fasten them as a group. Beads of various shapes and sizes may be used. They may be placed in any position on the fabric.

Beadwork has been practiced in parts of Africa and Asia since ancient times. The American Indians are noted for their beadwork.

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