Ring (Jewellery)

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Ruby ring with diamonds


Ring is a circular band made of metal or other material worn as jewelry. Some rings are decorated with gems or engraving. Rings are commonly worn on the fingers, but they may also be worn on the ears, nose, or toes.

Rings also serve functional or symbolic purposes. For example, rings have long been a symbol of authority. Each pope gets a ring engraved with a picture of Saint Peter in a fishing boat. After the pope dies, the ring is destroyed and a new one is made for the next pope.

A ring is often used to symbolize an engagement or marriage. Engagement and wedding rings were probably first worn by the ancient Egyptians. Some of the early wedding rings may have been made of gold. The custom of decorating engagement and wedding rings with gems began about 1200. During the 1600’s, many people exchanged posey rings as a sign of love or friendship. This ring was a simple band engraved with a short love poem.

Rings often indicate membership or rank in an organization, such as a fraternity or sorority. Many people wear class rings to represent the year they graduated from high school or college. Another popular type of ring has a gem that is associated with the month of a person’s birth.

In the past, people used signets, which were small seals attached to rings, to authenticate official documents. Rings were once used to indicate social status. In ancient Egypt, the wealthy wore heavy gold and silver rings. The poorer Egyptians wore rings made from bronze, glass, and glazed pottery.